Q. What are the main benefits of using Powerpost?

A. By becoming a Powerpost client you will:

  • Increase your exposure & brand recognition from being on the most popular social media platforms
  • Grow your social media audience from the paid advertising included in our fees
  • Be seen as the “go to” company in your field from all of the posts that we make for you
  • Drive targeted prospects directly to your website
  • Improve your rankings in Google search engine results from the mass of social signals that we create
  • Increase confidence in your prospects by having a large & active social media following
  • Get new business leads 
  • Get new customers, increase revenue & profitability

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Q. I can see you are International, will my Account Manager be based in my country?

A. Yes! Your Account Manager will always be a born & bred citizen of your own country of residence. Please note that, unlike some of our competitors, we never outsource to cheap, off-shore labour sources.

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Q. What type of content do you post?

A. The type and tone of your content is fundamental to success with social media marketing. It is not advisable to try to Sell! Sell! Sell! with every post as a) people do not care for it and b) they have the ultimate power to unfollow or block you very easily!

Instead we aim to provide a daily stream of relevant content that informs, educates and entertains your audience most of the time and combine this with approximately 20% of posts that directly promote your product or service. The aim of the process is to establish your business as a thought leader & source of expert/useful information and thereby nurture your audience over time into becoming customers. The content that we post can be categorised as follows:


  • The most popular industry news, stories and information from across the web
  • Promotional posts for your product/service and news about your business
  • Industry tips
  • Questions that solicit audience views & opinions
  • Any specific information that you want us to post for you (simply email it to us)


  • Motivational Quotations
  • Seasonal / Holiday Posts
  • “Thought of the Day”
  • Humorous images, videos & memes
  • Commentary on big news stories
  • Other content that provides a “human touch” to your business

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Q. How exactly do you grow my followers on Facebook and Twitter?

A. We use sophisticated software that trawls the whole of Twitter for people who are actively engaged in conversations using keywords that are relevant to your business & then invite them to connect with you. We can also directly target the followers of your competition or other related accounts.

With Facebook we use highly detailed targeting options to search out prospects and deliver a “Page Like” ad directly into their news feed. The result in both cases are highly targeted followers that are nurtured over time into become paying customers by our daily posting activity.

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Q. How will you know what to post for my business / industry?

A. During the joining process we collect extensive information about your company, customers, target market, industry / sector, competition, objectives and your brand and also conduct our own research to find online sources of news, stories and information.

Our (rather clever) software then trawls the web for related content that is naturally of interest to your audience and already trending as being popular and highly shareable.

In the early days we encourage your feedback so that we can refine and hone the style of what we post for you (just like you would with an in-house employee). And finally we have an entire Team of content creators, advertising experts, copywriters and social media specialists that collectively brainstorm & generate brand-new content specifically for your business type.

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Q. What if I don't like a post that you make for me?

A. No problem! We guarantee to remove and replace it free of charge.

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Q. What if I have a specific message that I want you to post/promote?

A. No problem. Simply send an email to our Ops Team and they will post it to all of your social media pages for you. We usually make the post for you within 1-business day.


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Q. Who will be working on my social media accounts?

A. We have an entire team of social media marketing specialists that include account managers, content creators, copy-writers, researchers and advertising execs that collectively provide our services to you.


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Q. Can I see some examples of your work?

A. Yes, of course! The case studies page contains multiple examples of live case studies so that you can follow their growth in real time. Please note that we only publish client details with prior written permission.


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Q. Will I be able to pre-approve all of the posts before they go out?

A. We understand that you will want to be comfortable with our work before going live on your accounts and so, if required, we can make a series of non-live test posts to first obtain your feedback. Please note though that client pre-approval of all posts on an ongoing basis has a significant additional overhead (both for you and us) that is not possible at this price point. We do however offer to amend or replace any unsatisfactory posts completely free of charge. 

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Q. Can I still make my own posts to my social media business pages?

A. Yes of course! We actively encourage our clients to regularly login, answer inquiries and engage directly with their audience.


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Q. Will it be obvious that a 3rd party is posting for me?

A. No, not all.

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Q. If I outsource this to you what will you need from me?

A. When your application has been accepted we ask that you complete a joining form so that we can learn everything we need to know about your business. After that it really only involves providing us with your feedback in order for us to tune into the style and tone of the content that we post for you. Plus of course you answering the new inquiries that we create for you 🙂

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Q. My company is not yet on social media - can you create our social media pages for us?

 A. Yes and we do it free of charge when you use our services for 3-months or more. If not, we require a nominal fee towards the work & set-up costs involved. Our team can build pages for you on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn & Tumblr (others on request) and create eye-catching graphic design to match your brand identity. 

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Q. Who owns the social media pages that you create for me?

 A. You do! We provide all of the login credentials to all pages immediately after we have created them.

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Q. I already have PERSONAL social media pages, will you need to access these?

A. No, business pages should always be separate from your personal social media pages. If you don´t yet have business pages created we can do this for you.

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Q. How much do you charge for your services?

A. Our fees are published on our pricing page and include monthly plans as well as annual plans that provide substantial savings and additional bonuses. 

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Q. What is your success rate?

A. Over 85% of the businesses that try-out our service stay with us, we believe that tells its’ own story. Are we a secret route to immediate success? Sorry, but no. Building a successful social media marketing campaign from scratch, just like building a new business, can take some time but ultimately we expect that the combination of different benefits that you receive from our packages will far outweigh the cost.  

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Q. What is included in your fees?

A. Please see our pricing page for what is included in each of our packages.

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Q. What is your cancellation policy?

A. You can cancel at any time for any reason and never make another payment. For example, if you normally pay on the 15th of each month and decided to cancel on the 7th then you would have nothing further to pay and we would continue our services until the 15th. With Annual Plans you may still cancel and receive a pro-rated refund based on what you would have paid had you been on the monthly plan. 

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Q. How frequently will you bill me?

A. Powerpost offer no-obligation monthly billing or annual plans with special discounts & additional bonuses. 

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Q. What is Content Marketing?

A. Content Marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable & relevant content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience. It is a “softer sell”, often more effective, approach than traditional paid advertising as it progressively builds interest & respect from the reader. 

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Q. You say that you decimate the usual cost and risk of Content Marketing - how?

A. With traditional Content Marketing you pay a writer to produce a piece of content and then pay again to promote it across the web. This is expensive! If your content does not gain any attention or traction you lose. With Powerpost we use sophisticated software to trawl the web for related content that is naturally of interest to your audience and already trending as being popular and highly shareable. We then post an excerpt of this story along with an “insight” that contains a plug for your business. The end-result is that you have no expense & no risk but all of the upside resulting from the exposure of your post & marketing message being shared across social media. 

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Q. I already have good amounts of traffic to my website, why do I need social media marketing?

A. Quite simply it will help you grow your business even more. Everything we do is distinct and in addition to your existing marketing. An active social media presence is also great for SEO, PR and a positive indicator to people background-checking you. 

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Q. What are your business hours?

A. Our regional offices are open Monday – Friday 9am-5pm (PST in the United States) although we post for your business 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.

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Q. What if I don't like your service after signing up?

A. No problem. You can cancel for any reason at any time and never make another payment. 

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Q. How long does it take to get up and running?


A. Our standard set-up period is 10 days but in reality it is usually less than this. If you need a rush set-up please contact us.

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Q. Why should I buy from you and not your competitors?


A. Excellent question! Firstly, we are a social media marketing company and not just social media managers. We don’t just create a presence for you on social, but implement our proven marketing process that is designed to create new business and a real return on investment. This is not something that we learned in a college course! Our methodology has been developed over many years in real life businesses just like yours. We are marketers and experienced business people, we understand your needs and we speak your language. We believe in delivering an excellent service at an affordable price and nothing gives us a buzz like helping to develop and grow a business.

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Q. How do I get started?

A. Easy! Choose the package that suits best and order online.

Q. Question still not answered?

A. No problem! Contact us now and we will get back to you ASAP!

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