This social media hack could help cash-strapped entrepreneurs compete with big brands
Karen Gilchrist | @_karengilchrist 6 Hours Ago

If you dream of becoming the next Jeff Bezos, or simply fancy yourself as a side-hustler, but worry you lack the cash; fret not — it needn’t cost you the world.

In fact, one of the most effective ways to get your idea off the ground could be with a free hack: testing out products on social media.

It’s a tool used by Supernova, which, despite enjoying runaway success with its beauty lines SkinnyMint, Sand & Sky and BodyBoss, still rates the frugal, start-up strategy among the best.

Supernova is what’s known as an incubator, meaning it uses industry insights to identify demand for new products, and then assembles a team to create them and bring them to market.

However, when testing out those new ideas, the business doesn’t spend a penny on building prototypes, Supernova’s co-founder Emily Hamilton told CNBC Make It.

Instead, it uses Photoshop to create mock up images, then shares them on Instagram and gauge customer interest.


A simple #SocialMediaHack could help your business get off the ground with no investment! #Powerpost